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Indiana Center for Systems Biology and Personalized Medicine


San Diego, CA

August 14, 2011

Biological Data Mining Book
Data mining in genome biology & medicine

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Software Tools
ProteoLens, Gene Terrain, SafMap, Data Mining, ...

Discovery Computing Services
Database Design, Data Mining, Bio-computing, ..

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Introduction to Informatics, Introduction to Bioinformatics, Database Systems, ...

Graduate Studies
MS/PhD in Bioinformatics (IU), MS/PhD in Computer Science (Purdue), ...

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Biotech, IT, Academic, ...

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Interests, Projects, Open positions, ...

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Prof. Jake Chen, Team Members, Contact us, ...

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Biomedical Research Resources
Tanslational Systems Biology, Bioinformatics, ...

Computing Research Resources
VLDB, Pervasive Computing, Modeling, ...

Misc Interests
Photography, Management, Entrepreneurship, ...


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